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Becky Beresford

Author. Speaker. Collaboration Coach.

We all need community as we step out in our callings. In fact, I've realized collaborating with other writers, speakers and creatives isn't just optional... it's essential!


After hosting the popular Brave Women Series for 4+ years, I've learned a thing or two about the POWER and POTENTIAL behind working with others well. Collaboration establishes a sense of community, while also cultivating growth and networking connections. I've hosted numerous giveaways (quadrupling the size of my email list) and oversaw various projects which have expanded the reach of my audience, all while helping others do the same. 

I am certain collaboration is key in a successful career and you can be successful at collaborating too...

I pray the services I provide will help you THRIVE in your collaboration efforts. Take a look below to see what I'm currently offering.

Here's to working together,


In the How to Host a Thriving Blog Series Course we will cover

Working with Coffee

How to Host a Thriving Blog Series Course

Have you ever thought about featuring other writers in a series on your blog? Then this is a MUST take course! We will cover the basics needed for hosting a platform-building series, all while supporting your contributors' work. With over 4 years of experience in hosting, there are countless lessons I've learned I want to share with you!

The next LIVE course will be available March 2023! Join the waitlist below for updates, open registration dates and pricing.

Yellow Couch

Running a Killer Giveaway Workshop

Giveaways are an amazing way to grow your platform, build your email list and connect with audiences you never would have otherwise.

I will be hosting an extensive workshop going over the pros and cons of different giveaway methods, AND I will give you my 'secret sauce' for running a giveaway that can exponentially grow your email list!

This LIVE workshop will be available April 2023! Join the waitlist for updates, open registration dates and pricing.

Coffee Break

Work 1-on-1 with Becky!

Collaboration coaching just might be the thing you need...

If you have a plethora of ideas or questions that can't wait for the upcoming collaboration courses or workshops, Becky now has LIMITED number of slots available for 50 minute coaching sessions! 

You'll receive personalized 1-on-1 coaching for your various collaboration needs as we  brainstorm and dream together!

Book your appointment below!


Liv Dooley
Bible Teacher, Author & Podcast Host

“I first got to know Becky through the giveaway she hosted a few years ago, which my friend posted about. As a new subscriber, I became inspired by the many women with whom she collaborated, and I enjoyed the resources they offered. A couple of years later, I was invited to participate in the giveaway as a collaborator myself, and I have been amazed by the additional collaborations it's opened up. It was through this giveaway that I gained the opportunity to speak with many of the publishers that I've only dreamed about working with before.”


Michelle Nietert
M.A., LPC-S, Speaker & Author of Loved and Cherished, Make Up Your Mind and God, I Feel Sad

"My heart and ministry have benefited from collaborating with Becky. From linking arms with other writers to discussing how God makes us brave in life’s struggles to collaborating on giveaways, God has used her ministry to expand the reach of my message regarding faith based mental health. My email list and social media numbers have increased significantly as well.” 

Marnie Hammar headshot small.jpeg

Marnie Hammar
Author, Speaker & Host of the Hear Him Louder Series

“Becky’s heart is wired to collaborate — her desire to work with and lift up others is woven into how she thinks. I’ve worked with Becky on several projects, including two large giveaways she has hosted, and with every step and interaction, I see how naturally encouraging and supporting others comes to her. Because of our collaboration, my own ministry reach has grown and expanded. I’m ever so grateful for her heart, and how genuine her desire to lift up Jesus is imprinted on whatever her hands touch.” 

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