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You are BRAVE

To God's BRAVE Women,

When I started this Brave Women Series back in September, I didn’t realize it would be a thing. I knew every woman had a story that mattered. I knew each of us was brave, whether we recognized it or not. I knew God wanted me to create a space where we could come together and cheer each other on in our life journeys. But I still didn’t know if it would be a REAL thing.

Now, almost six months later, I am blown away by the beauty of these stories. I consider it an absolute honor to be able to share these women’s hearts with the world. I thought this would be a few-month adventure, but now it has turned into a full year of women wanting to write and contribute. A year, guys. That’s pretty incredible. That’s all God.

And it made me think. There’s obviously something here… I know there’s a desire to be known and make ourselves known. But I believe on a deeper level, we all hope to be brave. We all want to face our fears and overcome life’s hardships. We want to come out stronger and wiser and higher on the other side. I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t want to make a difference and prays she has the courage to do so. It’s in our blood, ladies. It’s in our holy DNA.

So, I decided to come up with this acronym, written for every woman who has taken interest in this series – for every woman who has shared her heart – for every woman who prays for the strength to make it through another trial or day – for every woman who longs to be daring – I want to inspire your spirits today. I want you to know that you are BRAVE, even if you don’t feel like it most moments. God has made us in His image, and we reflect all aspects of His character to those around us, including His courage.

This list is important because it highlights key attributes that lie within every Daughter of God. I pray you remember these five words because they are part of your workup. Some may ask what a brave woman looks like? Well, all I have to say is look in the mirror. That brave girl staring back is YOU.