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You are BRAVE

To God's BRAVE Women,

When I started this Brave Women Series back in September, I didn’t realize it would be a thing. I knew every woman had a story that mattered. I knew each of us was brave, whether we recognized it or not. I knew God wanted me to create a space where we could come together and cheer each other on in our life journeys. But I still didn’t know if it would be a REAL thing.

Now, almost six months later, I am blown away by the beauty of these stories. I consider it an absolute honor to be able to share these women’s hearts with the world. I thought this would be a few-month adventure, but now it has turned into a full year of women wanting to write and contribute. A year, guys. That’s pretty incredible. That’s all God.

And it made me think. There’s obviously something here… I know there’s a desire to be known and make ourselves known. But I believe on a deeper level, we all hope to be brave. We all want to face our fears and overcome life’s hardships. We want to come out stronger and wiser and higher on the other side. I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t want to make a difference and prays she has the courage to do so. It’s in our blood, ladies. It’s in our holy DNA.

So, I decided to come up with this acronym, written for every woman who has taken interest in this series – for every woman who has shared her heart – for every woman who prays for the strength to make it through another trial or day – for every woman who longs to be daring – I want to inspire your spirits today. I want you to know that you are BRAVE, even if you don’t feel like it most moments. God has made us in His image, and we reflect all aspects of His character to those around us, including His courage.

This list is important because it highlights key attributes that lie within every Daughter of God. I pray you remember these five words because they are part of your workup. Some may ask what a brave woman looks like? Well, all I have to say is look in the mirror. That brave girl staring back is YOU.

BOLD A brave woman is bold. She loves boldly, shares boldly, comes to the throne of God boldly. She knows who she is in Christ and embraces her worth in His love. She knows condemnation has no hold and shame has no say because she is the righteousness of Christ and nothing can change her stance. Because of this she is not afraid to step out and ask for help when needed. She is not worried about what others think about her. She will continue to come before her Creator and ask Him for big things. She will take the risk. She dreams with boldness and believes that the God who parted the Red Sea and fed thousands from a few loaves will come through for her. She trusts in His love. She rests in His care. She puts her faith in His ability to do all things.

RESILIENT A brave woman is resilient. She faces obstacles, experiences falls, feels the resistance, but in God’s strength, she keeps pushing back. She stands up when life knocks her down. She steps forward when she can’t see the ground. She accepts her wounds and hurts as battle scars and is grateful for how they’ve shaped her into the person she is today. She is a riser. She is a fighter. She is a warrior on a mission. And she will not let the enemy or the world or anything that comes against the name of God stop her from doing what she was born to do. She will not let them steal her light. She will be radiant for Him.

AUTHENTIC A brave woman is authentic. She is real when culture tempts her to be fake. She wants to get deep and shares her full heart. She lays it all out there, despite the judging stares, because she decides it is worth it, so she invites people in. She knows who she is and she knows Whose she is... perfectly loved and perfectly made. She shares her hard struggles and listens and cares. She wants to be safe. She wants to feel known. And when given the option to pretend or perform, she opens the doors to her own messy life. It’s imperfect and covered in God’s good grace. She chooses real beauty. She chooses real relationships. She chooses to be her whole self. And it encourages others to do same.

VICTORIOUS A brave woman is victorious. Not because she wins every battle. Not because she doesn’t stumble or fail. She walks in victory because she knows what’s to come. She knows that even if she loses some battles, Christ the King has won the war. He sits in majesty and rules with His might. He intercedes for God’s children and fulfills all His promises. He will bring justice and goodness and His kingdom will reign. He is for her and in her and will never leave her. Nothing can separate her from His extravagant love. Nothing she’s done. Nothing she hasn’t. Nothing the enemy tries to direct can ever debunk God’s purpose and plan. She can’t screw it up. Satan can’t touch it. She’s far more than a conqueror because God deems it so. It’s been determined and finished at the foot of the Cross. And now she is free. Free to spend the rest of her days declaring her triumph. This is how a victory girl’s tale ends.

EMPOWERED A brave woman is empowered. She knows the source of her strength does not need to be mustered up. It has been given in abundance. In all its splendor and might, she has been filled with the spirit of a holy God. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, raises her spirit in fullness and life. She can face whatever circumstances come her way because God Himself lives within and He will make her strong. She feels herself changing, becoming more like the Savior she loves. She lives with open hands, expecting God to show up and show off. She allows Him to work in her and through her in order to bring heaven’s glory down. She is filled with all the fullness of God, and she longs to empower others as well. She lifts women up, instead of tearing them down. She encourages their giftings as much as her own. She prays for her sisters and remains by their side. She is filled in order to fill. She is blessed in order to bless. She is loved and so she loves. She is unstoppable. And as she steps out in God’s power, she is bound to change the world.

Be BRAVE, my friend. It’s who you already are.

Much Love,



Make sure to check back next week as another courageous Sister shares her story!

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