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A Brave Reset in Believing God is Good

Updated: May 19, 2020

By Susan Ely

God's Brave Women - Susan's Story

When I met Becky Beresford at a writing conference and found out she had a series called Brave Women, I jumped at the opportunity to do a guest post. Write about bravery? No brainer. My only problem would be deciding which brave story to tell.

I had plenty to choose from:

· The years of pleading with God to protect and deliver my son from drug addiction

· Walking my daughter through a teenage pregnancy

· Moving across the country multiple times for ministry positions

· Losing our home to foreclosure in 2010

· Finding my husband slumped over in the bathroom from a massive pulmonary embolism (he lived—miraculous!)

Y’all, I’ve had to be Brave with a capital “B.”

When I was younger, I never thought I’d have to be brave. Bravery was for other people, the unfortunate ones who had “bad” things happen to them. Surely, that wouldn’t be me; I was special. (Pardon me, while I stop for a second to laugh at the absurdity of that statement.)

And then bad things began to happen. To me. Whaaaat?!