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I Need to Say I'm Sorry: A Brave Confession for God's Girls

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

By Becky Beresford

God's Brave Women - Becky's Story

I wasn’t planning on writing this to you, Dear Friend. At least not yet.

But as an unexpected slot for the series opened up, the Lord was, in fact, parting the sea. At first, I went into scramble mode, thinking about different women I could ask to write a piece at such late notice. Then He interrupted me.

“Now it’s your turn.”

I paused, questioned whether I heard Him, then jumped into negotiating.

Why God? I mean, I’m sure some of Your Daughters are ready to fill in the gap. Plus, I was planning on sharing my story at the end of the series. We already talked about this. Remember?

“You know what I want you to write.

Be bold. Be brave.”

And so, fellow Sister, I’m writing these words with timid fingers because I don’t feel ready, but I’ll trust my Father’s leading.

I need to tell you I’m sorry.