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Walking Away From a Good Thing Can Lead to a Greater Purpose

By Danielle Morgan

God's Brave Women - Danielle's Story

Have you ever walked away from a great thing? How about something that offered opportunity and challenge, and if you packaged it all up in a box and tied it with a nice, pretty bow, it would be full of all the things you thought you were looking for?

In August of 2019 I did just that.

I was 3 years into an incredible career where I sat as a Communications Director for a very large, thriving multi-site church. My position came with a great deal of influence, authority, and responsibility, and I did not take it lightly.

I had spent the last year in my role finally feeling like I had built a solid rhythm with my leaders. I was taking ownership over the direction we were heading and was afforded the opportunity to build a team to support our mission moving forward.

My team was solid, I was finally starting to get the bandwidth I had been so desperately seeking, and on all accounts, we were on our way to something great.

But something wasn’t right. During those 3 years I had fought very hard to get to where I was - and when I say “fought”, I mean it was an uphill battle. If you’ve ever worked in vocational ministry, it’s not the friendliest place for a woman to be, and that right there is a hands-on education I started receiving on day 1.