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Running a Killer Giveaway Workshop

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Pamela Henkelman
Speaker, Podcaster, Writer & Coach

“Becky is a champion of collaboration. She knows what works well and will show you how to partner with others to have successful giveaways. She’s smart, generous, and gracious with her tips. You’ll be glad you worked with her.” 

Susan Park.png

Susan Park
Writer & Speaker

“After being part of Becky’s Brave Women Series and Giveaway, I’ve learned from Becky what it means to be a true collaborator. She possesses the wonderful combination of encouragement, organization, and fun in the way she collaborates. She is one of my favorite people to partner with!”


Casey Hilty
Author, Speaker, Artist & Teacher

“Teaming up with Becky for giveaways and other marketing campaigns has significantly improved my audience growth. As a busy mom with a full time job and a ministry on the side, I am so grateful for her desire to support other writers and small businesses through her gifts of teaching, connecting and growing.” 

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