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Becky Beresford

Author. Speaker. Coach.

Becky Beresford, Author

“My friend, you were made to shine. You were made to stick out for His goodness and glory. You were born to be you, so don’t let anyone else try to conform you into their image. The only person we are meant to look like more every day is Jesus…”

-Becky Beresford “Don’t Be A Not-You” on Frazzled & Free

Welcome to My Blog - Frazzled & Free


Grab a cup of coffee and take a few moments to breathe in some much-needed encouragement for your soul. Life can be frazzled and crazy and hard, but our Jesus meets us right where we are at with His gracious love. Feel free to check back here for regular postings or click below to go directly to Frazzled & Free.

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