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© 2019 by Becky Beresford, Author

Becky Beresford

Author. Speaker. Dreamer.

“God has made you courageous. He has made you bold. You may not see the truth fully, but we see it. You are God’s girl, full of grace and fire. And together we are a force to be reckoned with, a threat to the darkness and a light to the broken."


-Becky Beresford for "God's Brave Women"

Come hear from God’s beautifully brave women! Every Wednesday a different woman will be featured as she shares about her personal journey towards strength and courage with Jesus. These stories are powerful and real and straight from the heart. You will not want to miss a single article in this series! 

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When we share out stories, we build deeper community.  This is a safe place where we can respond, encourage and connect with other women as we open up about our own experiences.  Feel free to leave uplifting comments for our brave women sharing their stories, or share a story of you own.  This is your sacred space.  Let's keep the conversation going!

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The BRAVE WOMEN BIBLE STUDY will be coming out next year! Who's excited?! Keep a lookout for updates, as well as upcoming devotionals, prayers and teaching videos! Additional resources will be added regularly.


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