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Becky Beresford

Author. Speaker. Coach.

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Becky Beresford, Author

Right now, I wish we could grab our favorite lattes, lounge in comfy chairs, talk about Jesus and our long days. I’d be wearing yoga pants, sans makeup and a messy bun… You know, the bun that actually looks bad and isn’t a ‘fake’ mess. But I wouldn’t care. And I know you wouldn’t either.  


This space is reserved for those who are sick of trying to be perfect and do it all. They've tried following culture's script that says living as an empowered woman means you need to find the strength within. The truth is... it isn't working. In fact, women strive to believe in themselves and do all the hard things, but the result has left them weary, confused and fighting off shame. But what if it didn't have to be this way?


What if true empowerment came from relying on God, not ourselves?

My heart is to help women embrace CHRIST-CENTERED EMPOWERMENT in order to face life's trials with confidence in God and His care! We don't need to be the savior of our own stories. That's Jesus' job and He's faithfully good at it. 

I pray you'll join me as we walk out what it means to live as an empowered Daughter of the King according to the true gospel. And I hope you'll experience the freedom that comes with depending on God and His ability to do all things.


Welcome! May these pages point you upward instead of inward.


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