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Becky Beresford

Author. Speaker. Dreamer.

Hello Friend!

Becky Beresford, Author

I’m so glad you are here, so please make yourself at home

Right now, I wish we could grab our favorite lattes, lounge in some comfy chairs and talk about Jesus and our long days. I’d be wearing yoga pants, sans makeup and a messy bun… You know, the bun that actually looks bad and isn’t a ‘fake’ mess. But I wouldn’t care. And I know you wouldn’t either.  


Because this space is about real relationships, first with God and then with each other. This is where glory meets the mess and grace meets the everyday. A place where we can be ourselves and bring our hearts before our King.


You don't have to be perfect, but you can lean in to a perfect God. You don't have to believe in yourself, but you can rely on your faithful Father. You don't have to be enough because you are enough in Christ. Society may try to tell you that you need to muster up the power to do all the things. But life wasn't made to depend on your striving. You can release that burdened pressure because we don't need to count on ourselves when we were made to believe in our good and gracious God. 


I pray you realize your full worth to Him. I pray you know how much you matter to the Creator - the One who made you with extravagant precision and care. He made you with a purpose. You are part of His holy plan. You were born to bring Christ's light to the world and push back the kingdom of darkness. 


You are so very significant, Dear Reader… 

In the midst of valleys and mountain tops, I hope you leave these pages feeling empowered to walk out the gospel truths of who you really are. You are God's Brave Girl - deeply loved and wholly His.


Thanks for visiting.

Let's discover our truest selves in Jesus... together.


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