God's Brave Women

Welcome, Dear Reader.

If you are reading this, God has brought you here for a purpose. He has brought you to these pages, at this exact moment, in order to be inspired. The following stories you are about to encounter are real, raw and beautiful. Each featured guest is courageous and has decided to share a deeper part of their lives with you. She has experienced the good along with the bad. She has wandered the desert and has faced the fire. She may be facing it still. She has taken on fear and uncertainty and concern, but has chosen to believe in the goodness of her Savior. These are God’s Brave Women. These are our sisters who encourage us to live confidently and called. Their journeys give us hope as we trust in the faithfulness of our promise-keeping God.

"It is time we recognize the glory of our reflections in the mirror."

As you read each story, I pray you realize you are not alone. You are surrounded by a community of women who understand your pain and cheer on your victories! Together, may we remind each other of our inherent worth to our Creator. How His love for us is extravagant and His desire for redemption is true. We are the Daughters of God, and it is time we recognize the glory of our reflections in the mirror. It is time we stand tall, look ourselves square in the eyes and say…

I am strong.

I am mighty.

And I am goin