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God's Brave Women - Brandi's Story

God's Brave Women - Brandi's Story

January 18th, 2016 my phone rang with a call from Michigan. I thought to myself, is this it? Our adoption specialist greeted me and continued with, “We have a child that we would like to tell you about!” My heart was racing. Could this be it? Could this be our child? She shared about a little boy, 10 months old, who had hemophilia. (A medical condition where the ability to clot blood is severely reduced. Even the smallest injury can lead to critical bleeding.) She told me to talk to my husband and give her a call back ASAP if we were okay with this condition and wanted her to send us the referral.

It felt as if we were at our ultrasound and we had just heard, “you’re having a BOY! But there’s something wrong…he has hemophilia”.

I relayed the information to Glen and said, “Hemophilia, did we say we were open to that? What is that again”? Glen remembered that we had marked, “willing to discuss” as we did with most all of the conditions. We knew our child would have special needs, but we also clearly checked the box that said mild or correctable needs. It suddenly became real to us that this was an actual child with a real physical need, a serious one.

We prayed for God’s wisdom, and then Glen grabbed the computer and started researching hemophilia. I couldn’t believe what we were reading and the awful pictures we were seeing. Phone calls and meetings with specialists also gave us a clear view of what his life would be like. We did a lot of researching and a lot of praying.


"The more researching we did, the more fearful I became of his condition. The more praying we did, the more at peace we felt. God was clearly leading us to this little boy."


I will never forget the day we laid eyes upon our son. I saw him and he saw me, and at 14 months old, he pointed and yelled, “Mama.” He recognized me from pictures we had sent. He instantly knew I was his mama, and I instantly knew he was my son.