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God's Brave Women - Jennifer's Story

God's Brave Women - Jennifer's Story

Have you ever looked at your pain straight in the eye and thought, “Do I need to go there? Do I want to go there?” Have you ever decided to begin the journey of moving toward it and through it? When I see someone else do it, I see bravery. I don’t usually see it in me, but this journey of facing pain does require courage and bravery whether we recognize it or not.

House on a Hill is a song breathing life into me these days as I am processing pain related to messages I received as a young girl. In this song, Amanda Lindsey Cook writes with God’s voice to us,

“Is it heavy where wounds have left a mark? …. If you’re wondering who can heal your brokenness. I can, I can. I’ll meet you in the house upon the hill. How I want to show you I am real. Allow Me to introduce Myself again...”

I’ve been through the pain-healing process before, many times for small things, a couple of times for big things. Sometimes a journey to the past is necessary to live more healthy and whole today.


"Sometimes a journey to the past is necessary to live more healthy and whole today."


Once my shame was so big and strong it went with me everywhere. To church. At home. In bed. While praying. While reading my Bible. This dark cloud was my travel companion, my filter through which life poured in. A slow, steady awakening made me aware of how my sexual si