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Boldly Say It's Not Enough: Embracing Our Longing for More

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

By Ana Nunez

God's Brave Women - Ana's Story

It’s perplexing to enjoy my life and still experience a strange longing for home; a vague sense of something aching and yearning for where I know and am known.

This is my happy place; sitting in the coffee shop of my dreams that is infused with history and beauty, a good book before me that lays out my favorite story, new conversations with old friends, songs I love playing in my ears, in a state I have always cared for, a new city to explore just outside, solitude and time to think and pray and plan and work.

I am happy to be here.

But I long for home.


"I am happy to be here.

But I long for home."


Maybe because my life has been chaos and nonstop changes for the past few years, so the grounded and whole and peaceful life I’ve built in the past few months is wonderful to me.

Maybe because following Jesus means signing up for a life full of trial. Not just any trial, but the fiery, blistering, sweltering kind. The blessing, however, in trial is that it gives us the opportunity to marvel in the goodness and strength and nearness of God.