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Brave Enough to Admit Infidelity: The Power of Telling the Truth

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

By Amy Elaine Martinez

God's Brave Women - Amy's Story

What happens when we decide to stop bad behavior in its tracks and think of others more than ourselves? When we begin to believe we can change? When we finally get on our knees and dare to admit we can’t change on our own because we desperately need Jesus?

Transformation happens. I know because it happened in my life.

In a self-centered world, meeting our own needs first has become a priority. Scrolling through our favorite social media, we’re told to “do what feels good” in the moment. However, later we find out that feel good feeling only lasts until those around us experience the sting of our self-serving ways. Friendships fail and marriages get messy as our bad behavior displays itself one too many times. At some point, we all need an agent of change to step in and become our catalyst for transformation.

I hope my story reminds you that you are stronger than you know and helps you get your brave on to face the hard things life throws at you today. I hope it helps you do one of the bravest things you can do: tell the truth.

Once I was a girl who believed I could never change, that I was too far gone for grace.

Humility brought me to my knees and changed my reckless behavior. Grace invaded my failing marriage, redirected my family’s faith journey, and overflowed into an area of ministry I felt completely disqualified to enter.

Was it possible? Could I be… a cheater turned leader?