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Giving Our Broken Marriages to God: How to Walk Through an Unwanted Divorce Bravely

By Heather Jeffery

God's Brave Women - Heather's Story

I’ll never forget the one sentence that instantly changed my life.

As we prepared for bed recounting our day, my husband asked where I saw our marriage heading. I had felt some recent disconnection, but every marriage has its valleys. He always assured me divorce was not in his vocabulary, so I was certain it was my own insecurity speaking when I responded, saying part of me worried he would leave our marriage when our daughters moved out. Without hesitation he said, “I don’t think I can wait that long.”

I was stunned.

Was this conversation real?

I knew our marriage wasn’t perfect but no marriage is. My heart shattered on the spot with the sudden but familiar pang of grief one feels when hearing of a loved one’s unexpected death. It felt as if my life had been placed in a glass ball and dropped from an overpass onto the busy highway below, only to be repeatedly crushed and scattered in the midst of my swirling thoughts.

That conversation was exactly three years ago. The week that followed was pure anguish, as I struggled to breathe and honestly, had to remind myself to do so. There was no time for processing because kids needed to get to school and work duties remained that Monday morning.

The next weekend was Easter, and we headed to my parents’ house for our traditional Easter holiday. I had no idea how I was going