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Having the Courage to Say YES to God, Even When It Doesn't Go as Planned

By Mamie Pack

God's Brave Women - Mamie's Story

“I’m sorry, but you are just not what we are looking for at this time.”

He stands, returning my resume back into my hands.

Smile plastered on my face, heart breaking, hands trembling, grabbing my resume, I walk away.

It wasn’t supposed to go this way.

Walking away, my eyes glazed over the rows of tables with job recruiters. People walking, resumes in hand, hoping someone would simply say yes. Hoping for the opportunity to start a new job.

But table after table, interview after interview, the rejections were on repeat.

“You have great qualifications, but . . . “ “Unfortunately, we were looking for someone who . . .”

“We’re concerned about the gap in your resume.”