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Meeting Jesus in Our Overwhelm: How God's Word is a Strong Anchor in Life's Storms

By Leslie C. Glass

God's Brave Women - Leslie's Story

I wasn’t a Sunday school regular and wasn’t discipled as a teenager. I didn’t participate in college ministry – honestly, I didn’t know it was an option. I didn’t know the story of the Exodus or the road to Emmaus until well into adulthood.

Yet, I’d kept every Bible given to me and treasured them without truly knowing the Treasure inside. By his kindness, I did know Jesus loved me – though I didn’t really understand what it really meant.

Seven years ago this Spring, everything buoying my fragile life was suddenly out of reach with a work-related move to a new state. The affirmations and security of my longtime profession were gone. The Sunday rays of sunshine pouring through my favorite sanctuary shutters seemed distant. Friends and family were out of reach, and, my marriage was on life-support.

“Give me an anchor for my soul”, I pleaded, without using any words at all.

My eternity was certain but the day-to-day, moment-by-moment survival was too much. My spiritual limping wasn’t enough anymore. “Jesus, I need you now!! Be my anchor! Activate this unsophisticated faith!”

At 35 years old, the Lord used a perfect storm of moving and marriage stress to highlight my need of a constant soul anchor and an activated faith every, single day.