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Rebuilding Our Confidence in Christ When Our Lives Fall Apart

By Alicia Michelle

God's Brave Women - Alicia's Story

When we don’t pay attention to God's whispers He'll start to shout. And if shouting still doesn’t work, then—in His immense kindness and compassionate love—God will throw a massive semi-truck our way to derail us from the destructive path we are on.

For me, that “semi-truck” came in late July 2017. But first, let’s talk about why God sent the semi-truck.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with a very vocal inner critic that kept me racing on a treadmill to prove my worth.

I spent my academic life hustling for a 4.0 GPA, frustrated I could never get a 4.6 like others in my class. I killed myself to become captain of this team and president of that group, yet I was disillusioned because I still wasn’t popular “enough.”

There was always someone who’d done it better (“if only I could be like THEM…”). There was always a flaw in what I’d accomplished (“if only I’d done THAT instead…”).

As a mom, this mindset kept me constantly judging my kids’ behavior and my own: What behavior modification did I need to implement to improve how they were acting?

As a wife it kept me scrutinizing my husband’s behavior and equating it to my actions: What do I need to change about myself to please him and keep him loving me?