When Our Plans Shatter: A Brave Journey Through Pregnancy Crisis

By Laura Thomas

God's Brave Women: Laura's Story

Circling the city in an itsy-bitsy plane doing its best to hold steady in a horrific storm, my heart raced but my soul was at peace.

I thought emigrating from the UK to Canada the previous year was brave.

And months later, I thought soldiering on after a miscarriage was brave.

But no, this adventure in the sky, dodging flashes of lightning en route to B.C. Women’s Hospital in the hope of keeping my unborn baby safe and myself alive… that’s really when I needed to get my brave on.

“Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray...” Philippians 4:6 (MSG)

As my perfect pregnancy plans splattered like the teeming rain on the air ambulance windows, I knew this was out of my control and I needed a very special brand of courage to face the unknown.

Faith came first, bravery followed.

"Faith came first, bravery followed."

After uttering a desperate prayer as I tried to imagine the outcome of this high-in-the-sky scenario, I was overwhelmed—not with fear, but with peace. Like a weighted blanket, it covered my trembling body as I lay on the stretcher and I knew I was in the very best hands. In God’s hands. I could do this. I could