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God's Brave Women - Sue's Story

God's Brave Women - Sue's Story

Brave. In the English language we know 'Brave' as an adjective, a descriptor, a way to describe a person's actions, right? Yes, except when it's not.

'Brave' for me has become a noun. A part of my identity. A part of me I would have never prayed for if I knew the circumstances it would take to flesh out a life of being brave.

God once said to me, “I call you Brave. You call yourself terrified. I call you Courageous. You call your yourself a coward. I call you Victory. You see your failures.” It was true. Yet, Romans 4:17 tells us that “God calls things which are not as though they were.” So God, You call me BRAVE? With one word He answered. “YES.” Names reveal identity. Knowing our identity propels us into our destiny.

And thus, over the past twenty years, have begun to unpack a big 'YES' to Jesus, through hundreds of terrifying small daily decisions.


"I was the first believer in the history of my family line and my "Yes" to Jesus did not come without a cost."


I was the first believer in the history of my family line and my "Yes" to Jesus did not come without a cost. From the people I loved the most in this world I heard, “What is happening to our daughter? She's in a cult. This too will pass. Can't someone get this Jesus out of her? Who raised you?!” At the time I was a young college student, and my family's approval meant everything. I was hurt beyond measure. But God. God doesn't waste a thing. Their rejection became the door through which the Love of God came flooding into my life. Jesus' greatest ministry is forgiveness, and through that rejection I learned to forgive to the point where I could no longer remember the pain. All I knew was that when God spoke, I came alive. Thus, I clung to His Words as if my life depended upon it. And it did. Terrified as I was, when my solid ground (my family) fell out from beneath my feet, He called me BRAVE.