Leaning into God Makes Us Brave

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

By Stacey Pardoe

God's Brave Women - Stacey's Story

Some conversations remain imprinted on our minds in the precise location where they took place. Hard conversations with friends. Phone calls that change everything in the blink of an eye. Faith-filled conversations that shift paradigms in our minds.

As last summer drew to a humid close, I remember precisely where we were walking when a close friend asked how I felt about an impending season of immense difficulty. Our family was on the brink of change, and it wasn’t going to be change that came softly and easily. It was a change that was going to require courage, and I wasn’t sure I had it in me.

This change would require a greater degree of death to self than I’d ever experienced. I didn’t know this for certain at the time, but there was a sense that the kind of laying down I would be required to do would have a cost – that it would hurt, that it would feel more like death than anything I’d ever known.

There were also fears. What if our perfectly crafted plans for the future weren’t what they seemed? What if God had different plans – plans involving disappointment and heart-shattering loss? It was possible. We’d walked that road not long before.

It doesn’t matter what the hard stretch looks like; we’ve all faced them. A transition to a new job, a call to fight for a relationship that’s downright painful, a clear command to walk away from a place or person where your heart is still attached, an unwanted diagnosis, a valley of pain you would never choose to walk through. Hard times come for us all. We are each called to be brave in our own kinds of battles.

"We are each called to be brave in our own kinds of battles."

“How are you feeling about stepping into this?” my friend asked, cattails bending beneath clear skies behind her.

I’d been mulling over a single world that seemed oddly simple in light of the potential complexities of the very near future, and I told her with a smirk, “Safe.”