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Courage to Ask God for Direction

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

By Misty Phillip

God's Brave Women - Misty's Story

What is brave for one person maybe be nothing out of the ordinary for someone else. You see I have often been called brave by others. Because they have looked at decisions I have made or circumstances in my life and said, “I could never do that.”

For me brave has looked like the following:

Like quitting my job in faith to stay home and homeschool my kids when we relied on my income to make ends meet.

Or trusting God with the life of the baby within my womb who was diagnosed as “incompatible with life” and refusing to terminate the pregnancy when everyone recommended I abort.

Or deciding to write a Bible Study after breaking both of my arms, so women would know that God has created them to be Overcomers.

You see, I did not see those choices as being brave. For me they were simple acts of obedience to the Lord. As Emily P. Freeman says, there were “my next right thing.”

Friend, I want to let you in on little secret, and maybe even free you up a bit. What is brave for me may look different from what is brave for you, and that is okay because God has called us all to walk through different paths and be different kinds of brave.