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The Tension of Bravery: Sorting Through Peace and Panic as We Say YES to God

By Natalia Drumm

God's Brave Women - Natalia's Story

“You can’t be serious, Lord?!?!? I asked if you wanted me to do this years ago, why now? Why this? It will change everything.”

I remember the battle as if it was yesterday. A few years ago, the Lord began leading my heart toward the path of homeschooling my three boys. We had been happy in our current school system for many years. As a former public school educator, I valued the work done by many teachers and the power of learning in a classroom. But as our lives shifted, so did God’s leading.

There I sat, the letter of intent staring me in the face. I was a teacher before, why was I so terrified of this new season? Surely I would be capable of this. Besides, they were my children after all, and I had taught other people’s children for years.

Why was I so terrified?

Deep down I knew.

Everything in my world had been comfortable up until that point and I knew it. Life felt charmed and sweet, and while it was, I also knew God had been stirring in my heart. The comfort led to complacency. The calling ahead of me was a challenge. There would only be growth when I learned the grace necessary for the journey.